The Triangle Pose: A Novel 
Mary Welp (2005)
$20.00 hardback

Praise for The Triangle Pose
Mary Welp has not forgotten that literature started out as entertainment, and The Triangle Pose is a stunner, paced by dancing prose, quick wit, and characters who consistently surprise the reader. Yet it is held together by utmost seriousness: a woman on her own dealing with the way we live now. In The Triangle Pose, I found a charming story, one that is still with me.
–Kirby Gann, Our Napoleon in Rags
Among the multiple pleasures of The Triangle Pose are a biting wit, a sharp eye and a smooth, engaging narrative, but larger than all of these are its characters: Anna Wallace, tart-tongued new mother and wavering wife, Jasper Clayquot, infuriatingly stubborn conservative political writer who is also Anna’s surprisingly tender suitor, their spouses, friends and relatives. No matter how briefly on the page, even the minor characters are full-blooded, and Anna and Jasper, as they flirt with each other and disaster, come to seem not people we’ve read about, but ones we’ve lived with.
–Paul Griner, Collectors

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