The Ice Margin: A Novel
Marcia Dalton (2010)
$16 softcover

Praise for The Ice Margin
The Ice Margin rings with the truth of a writer who knows the intricacies, sorrows and joys of the human heart. Against the backdrop of an exquisitely described sky and seascape, Marcia Dalton weaves a tapestry of complex and unforgettable characters, kaleidoscopic and spellbinding as changing tides. Between the covers of this book you’ll find a full range of passions, from secret heartache to storm surges, wrought with sensitivity, subtlety and compassion. 
–Eleanor Lincoln Morse, Chopin's Garden, An Unexpected Forest

Marcia Dalton is a compelling storyteller and a perceptive chronicler of the human heart. She takes what, in the hands of a lesser writer, could easily become a “Cape Cod romance novel” and instead shapes it into a thoroughly satisfying and original work of art. Her evocation of the Cape landscape is the best I have read in years. In her skillful weaving of the ordinary and the transcendent, she convinces us that this is, in fact, the way we live. There is much wisdom and pleasure in this book.
–Robert Finch, Death of a Hornet and Other Cape Cod Stories

The Ice Margin
 is the story of Anna, a woman on the verge of quiet yet total change. A surgical accident to her older daughter has shattered Anna’s life, leaving her with a daughter with a paralyzed body and a pre-school mind. Shunned by city friends who don’t know how to help or don’t want to for long, Anna falls in love with a home she’s unexpectedly acquired from her husband’s side of the family. In the wild beauty of Cape Cod, Anna finds herself relishing solitude, unconventional friendships, a rich inner life. Whether she will actually allow herself to live the life she wants or slide back into a cold, unforgiving marriage haunts the pages of this riveting, beautiful novel. Her voice as gentle and natural as that of a friend, yet spiced with penetrating insight and gorgeous descriptions of place, Marcia Dalton is stimulating, comforting, and irresistible to read.
–Julie Brickman, What Birds Can Only Whisper
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