For the cover of this issue of The Louisville Review we feature Laurie Fader’s painting, Trumpets. At once formally complex and fantastical, the painting is accompanied by Fader’s “Cover Artist’s Statement: Trumpets” that narrates the creation of the painting—as well as the biological precarity and the gamut of stylistic influences that inform the work.

A poem from Emily Jane O'Dell, “Night of Shooting Stars,” in English and translated to the Burmese with co-translator Ein Kyi Phyu, opens this issue. O’Dell’s poem engages the horrific civil war that continues to unfold in Myanmar, but also associatively recalls the many deadly wars playing out in the world today, asserting the value of the literary arts for bearing witness to these tragic conflicts.

In this issue we also include poetry from not one but two soon-to-be-published collections, by Kathleen Driskell from Goat-Footed Gods, forthcoming from Carnegie-Mellon University Press, and by Julie Marie Wade from Quick Change Artist, selected by Octavio Quintanilla for the Anhinga Press Poetry Prize.

TLR #94 features stories that engage trials of childhood and adolescence, from the excitement and danger of Bethany Bruno’s “Fed to the Gators,” to “Out Too Deep” by Pamela Baker, that addresses the mysteries of the need for belonging in childhood. Likewise, new nonfiction by Australian author Rebekah Clarkson, “Dominion,” investigates the ambiguities of youthful desire for, and aversion to, commitments to animals, people, and religion. Short fiction by Wen-Shing Ho, “Wild Ginger Flower on the Rock,” celebrates intergenerational bonds and transports readers into family life in post-pandemic China.

Editor: Sena Jeter Naslund
Associate Editor: Flora K. Schildknecht
Managing Editor: Amy Foos Kapoor
Guest Poetry Editor: Jonathan Weinert
Guest Fiction Editor: Mary Popham
Cornerstone Editor: Betsy Woods 

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