With the last few issues of The Louisville Review, as well as this one, TLR has instituted the practice of featuring the artwork of contemporary artists on its cover. This cover features a work titled Table For . . . by Joyce Garner, a Louisville artist who has two galleries here. On this cover, note the varieties of ages welcome at Joyce’s table, as well as their various interests.

In this issue, we have arranged the fiction section to spotlight the progressive ages of the various protagonists, ranging from young children, placed first, to ever older protagonists. All kinds of folks and ages are also welcome in our pages, as in Joyce’s inclusive paintings. Through Jane Ogburn Dorfman’s “Lost at the Circus,” Edward Jackson’s “Shaving,” Rebecca Bernard’s “King Whey,” S. A. Griffin’s “The Wrong Door,” and others, a range of ages are successively represented.

Poems featured in this issue include Diamond Forde’s “After Five Years of Absence, Momma Takes Care of Me While I’m Sick,” Rachel Whalen’s “Algos,” Rolly Kent’s “Could a Snake Be a Man?,” and Kevin McLellan’s “James Schuyler to John Ashbery.”

Editor: Sena Jeter Naslund
Associate Editor: Flora K. Schildknecht
Managing Editor: Amy Foos Kapoor
Guest Poetry Editor: Jonathan Weinert
Guest Fiction Editor: Beth Ann Bauman
Cornerstone Editor: Betsy Woods

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