Rick Neumayer (2020)
$16 softcover


Praise for Journeyman
Journeyman tells a timeless tale of youth striving to define not only itself but the world it inhabits. Who lives and who dies and why? What new and old values to reject or embrace—and at what point in the journey? A journeyman in earlier lingo was a tradesman who was no longer an apprentice but not yet a master of his trade. This honest, funny, and heartbreaking novel delivers everything a reader could wish for in the way of action, characters who are convincing and engaging and ideas worth pondering.
–Sena Jeter Naslund, Editor, Fleur-de-Lis Press, Ahab's Wife, The Fountain of St. James Court, or Portrait of the Artist as an Old Woman, & six others

An affecting and well-wrought story. A timely, generous book that deftly captures a powerful, heady, mind-bending time.
–Eleanor Morse,
White Dog Fell from the Sky

Two intrepid young men set out from Kentucky to retrace the westward peregrinations of Kerouac and Cassady. Journeyman propels us through these misadventures as though we were along for the ride.
–Ed McClanahan,
The Natural Man
Journeyman immerses the reader viscerally in the America of 1970-1. A moving and provocative story of initiation during a time not unlike our own.
–K.L. Cook,
The Art of Disobedience
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